“I See It Begin (I See The End)” Day 346

The shadows go
There is nothing
There is everything.
I see the fire burning
I see it. The end.
But I know it begins.


“For Those Who Have Nothing” Day 344

They are the ghosts.
The ones who sit on the edge of existence
Marveling at those who have it all
While staring into their hands and their hearts
Realizing that they have

“The Sunday Mail Pt. 3” Days 325 – 329

We fall into routines
For the routines to fall out from under us.
Our safety nets then become nooses
And our noose becomes our safety net.
What once would kill us to do
Is all that’s left to keep us alive.

“You Never Really Cared At All” – Day 228

Why am I such a blur?
Why are you such a whore?
Why do words escape me;
While memories repress me?
All I want to do is die away
Than spend another day with you.

Days 127 and 128

Day 127 “Overused” Filthy stinking tragedy, You stupid majesty! Angry, weak, and jaded That’s what your cancer equals. You want control, power is your goal. As overused as this all is. “Don’t Worry About Me.” If you’ve got to make the leap I’ll be there to catch you before you fall. You’ve got to go … Continue reading