Keyboard Kitty Told Me it Was Writer Blocking Me – Day 191

Being inspiration-less
In the middle of an ice storm
And a full on blizzard,
Really sucks.
You know it’s not fun
When keyboard kitty tells you
It’s blocking your writing.


I’m Sorry if You Think I’m Dead. Day’s 189 and 190

I’m on the edge of never never land,
Feeling close to falling out of the sky.
I can hear your breathing,
So serenely,
Lost so clearly
In shadows enduring.

Rainfall on the Road Part II – Day 188

The Light of a New Day Can’t find hope in the river. Can’t find dreams in the sea. All these you will find within me. Because I have the heart of a giver. I’ll show you light At the edge of the shadows, Follow me swift, past the gallows. We don’t have to fight. Tomorrow … Continue reading

Blind Sight – Day 187

Feed upon the pearlescent
Figures of wanton and chrome.
Shiny apparitions of
New york modern rome.

You Are the Love (I Wanna Hold)

You are the love, I want to
You are the love. I want to be with
You are the love, I want to…