Days 127 and 128

Day 127

Filthy stinking tragedy,
You stupid majesty!
Angry, weak, and jaded
That’s what your cancer equals.
You want control, power is your goal.
As overused as this all is.

“Don’t Worry About Me.”

If you’ve got to make the leap
I’ll be there to catch you before you fall.
You’ve got to go
And be who you’re meant to be.
Don’t worry about me too
I’m tougher than I look,
And I promise I’ll be alright.
I just don’t want to see you
Get stuck here and die.

“Just Helps”

I say sorry too much
and it happens.
But it’s my philosophy
“Sometimes all you can do
is apologize even when
You aren’t the one at fault.
Hearing sorry
and that someone cares
Just helps.”


Before anyone gets on my case
I’m going to write the way I feel.
That’s the only way I can be true
To what is really on the inside.
I’ll use the words I want to
Even when you get uncomfortable.
These are my writings.
So let me begin, okay?
I’m just so fucking tired of all this
Shit. I want out of here.
Away from everything, to get away
From all of this.

“Ode To A Small Town Cell.” – A Jaded Anthem

This is my ode to joy,
My masterpiece
That every small town child
Will read aloud.
They’ll rmember what I felt
Because they lived it too.
Abaondonment, your soul in pieces
Life isn’t easy trapped somewhere
Especially in self banishment
In a home made prison.
Your bars are made of plastic
You don’t escape because you don’t want to
You made this cell,
As punishment for your own transgressions.

Day 128
“Dear anyone who’s ever cared,”
Hey, sorry I haven’t wrtiten to you
Forever and a day it seems.
So much
So little
Left to live.
To grow.
To perish
Into the dirt.
Seemingly forever,
The cycle continues
Where our tears
Nourish the ground,
The sky
And our hearts.


Why can’t It be simple,
And every little piece of it.
Coming together in harmony,
Never clashing,
Creating a sweet melody.
Music. to. my. ears.
Like none I’ve ever heard
It sounds on the breeze
Higher, and higher, than any bird.


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