“(These Words) They’ve Been Wrote A Million Times More”- Day 220

And I know that everything that I’ve written has been said before,
By poets that can write one-liners that are better than my poetry that drags on for days.
Maybe I try so hard to say the things I need to say
Because there just isn’t any other way
To really give an example of your beauty.


Words can express every iota of pure emotion – Days 217, 218, 219

When I have a difficult time of expressing something
I write, because I can sit down and arduously work towards
Saying exactly what I need to speak, exactly what I feel.
Words can express every iota of pure emotion as if it were
The pure essence of an ingredient in some recipe.

Human Revolution – Day 215

“With This Pen” A Shakespearian Sonnet that I wrote for extra credit in my Senior English class. With this pen I will amend My disassembled thoughts again. So when this day is done I’ll bend But won’t break. In the end I’ll win. “Concentration, sheer force of will Leach life from me! Stop me here! … Continue reading

The Fear In Eyes Of Stone – Days 213 and 214

Day 213 “The Fear In Eyes Of Stone” I am engaged in a battle of the minds. the fury that has welled up inside of me Could eclipse the sun and blind God. In the brilliance of pure frustration I have found a common ground with disaster. When rivers grow from their boundaries And lurch … Continue reading

“Who Can Save Me?” – Days 208, 209, 210, 211, 212

Her sunken eyes reminded me of death,
Just as he was naught but bone,
Here body was even less.
Skin hung from hips, the smell of bourbon and ash left her breath
From where I stood twelve foot distant
It was as though I were swimming in her mouth.