“It’s Just Another Day” – 292

So what if life
doesn’t make
as much sense
as before.
So what if it
feels like things are
falling apart.
Just remember
that in time.
All things
come and go.


“It Takes a Strong Soul” – Day 285

Not unlike cancer, it stands till the last.
It takes strong will to beat.
It takes a strong soul.

“Life is like a Box of Chocolates” – Days 263 and 264

Life is like a box of chocolates
Leave it alone too long and it melts.
Twisting and turning, fragmenting;
It becomes something else entirely.

Those Who Get Nothing – Days 259 and 260

Open up the trap door
Push everything down the hole.
The people who deserve nothing
Get handed everything,
While you’re sitting on the floor.

Life Can Be Electric – Day 198

If you listen closely
And tune out the monotony
Wipe away the human exterior
And put your head against the wall;
Faintly, as if it were an otherworldly presence
You can hear the moaning of electricity
Buzzing through your head.