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    I am a poet on a year long journey in words, emotion, and discovery.

  • countdown

    On July 26 2011 I will no longer be using this webpage. This blog will still be view-able as an archive of the last 365 days of poetry. In the future I will be found @ http://Thesundaymail.wordpress.com The End of My 365 Day Long Journey in Poetry.

“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 – 365

“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 Maybe it will all be clear When the world dissapears. I’m sorry world. I’m still here. I know you’ve been pushing me down. I know you’ve been trying to put me down Try to knock me out. I know you’ve been thinking That I’d give up to easily. Fuck that, … Continue reading

356 – 359 (More Later Today)

“It’ll Always Be” 357 Hows the time pass by When everything falls away. Life takes action And days go on. It’s the scheme of things As it’s always been. You know how it is It’ll always be. “The Heart That Knows” 358 I’ve been begging for answers To things I don’t understand. For the rules … Continue reading

“Happiness Is Just a Bad Memory” – 356

Happiness is just a bad memory Of everything great and elevated With the constant ticking going on I just can’t keep on writing songs About how my life just seems to fall Into patterns on the road. I’m lost in trepid seas Smacked down upon my knees I can see the clouds come up and … Continue reading

“The Passing of Energy” – 348 – 355

  The Passing of Energy 348 I’m in the process of eliminating some false beliefs. Attempting to tie up loose ends. I’m in the process of finding my way And sweeping away previous breadcrumbs That I had left behind to find my way back again. It’s not always the same Everyday things change My connections … Continue reading

“I’m Through” – 347

In all honesty the memories come back to me Like ghosts in images They haunt me. Do you see the shadow? Do you see him creeping up on you from behind? The sun will rise Then the stars will fall As everything loses meaning I still feel the wind Echoing on the breeze As if … Continue reading