Day 160 (Last Post of 2010)

“To a New Year” I began yesterday’s post with a question And I ended it with another question. To end Or to begin? Scattered throughout life are barriers Of the mind, Of the body, Of the soul. Within these barriers lie our conscious, The voice in the back of our head Telling us right From … Continue reading

Day 156, 157, 158, 159

Day 156 Despite the accident, You’re still looking good. You’re brains in a few pieces But that doesn’t mean you’re over. You’ll get through the strangulation Maybe make it out of the decapitation. Scream out Huzzah! Be prepared to die, It’ll be once in a lifetime, That you’ll find what you’ve always wanted. Day 157 … Continue reading

Day 155 – “Vicious Cycle”

Disclaimer – This poem is born of latenight post midnight mutterings I began this poem only 11 minutes before it was posted, and had it prepared no longer than 3 minutes ago. There is only so much I can stand, Before I’m on my hands and knees again. I beg you please, But you break … Continue reading

Day 153 and 154

Day 153 It’s been reserved, In ink your fate has been served. Distaste for preconceived ends Bound by the chains of tyranny. Day 154 I’ve wrote about this before, I want to leave something to be known for. I wish truth to be willed out, And our masters chains To wrap around their throats. Revolution, … Continue reading

Day 152

“If you told me, I’d tell you.” If you told me I were to die Tomorrow of some deadly disease. I’d tell you, “Please, Don’t be foolish and lie to me. I’ll live forever in my foolish jeans; Break the fabric of time and space at the seams. I’ll see the end and the beginning … Continue reading