Day 126

“The Spirit” The moon glows Death is a life Where we turn into nothing Yet our spirit grows. “Poem 5” Walk with me, Like we once used too together through fire. You were my friend. And I’m growing up, I feel bitter Upset with the boundaries Of the human body I wish I was bound … Continue reading

Day 123, 124, and 125

Day 123 “Won” One more hour in this hell Another lifetime in a cell. When you find me, dead and gone That is when you know they’ve won. “Deranged” Are we deranged Or are we just out of place? Lost in this known time and place, Kept free of unknown cyberspace. Forgotten in wasteful afternoons … Continue reading

Day 122

“Voices” Be thankful of the voices Who won’t be silent The ones in your head, so violent. Monsters under your bed Stimulating curiosity. The ghosts in your dreams Haunting you as you sleep And those dreams that ruin Perfect memories Of those times in the sea breeze Fleet of foot like deer There is no … Continue reading

Days 120 and 121

Day 120 “Poem 3” Someone has nowhere, Forever locked in pain. Sent to death, In vein? Day 121 “Poem 4” Come on out and play This soldier will save the day Yet this soldier is dead, So now my soul is fed. Now seek out the last soldier While the fire fizzles out and smolder. … Continue reading

Day 119

“Look Farther” Superficial things give away To super powered nothingness, And you won’t see anything Past your nose, YOU LIE! “Chemical” Sometimes I’m running on chemicals Romanticism leading to fundamentalists Lying under the sun, On the edge of the Roman death march, I am Caesar, (Caesar is said the old roman way like Kie-Zar) Master … Continue reading