“The Road” – Days 330 – 336

Day 330: “Life and Death” I’ve got this concept of life and Death Where everything in the end is all the same. And that those people who did good, Rise up to places so high, so good. I’ve also got this concept that all the evildoers Fall into a dark abyss separated by a wall … Continue reading

Day 130, 131, and 132

Day 130 “End” Can’t stand Can’t sit. Just falling down Breathing Breaking So far gone And I’m on the edge The Verge of suffering open up Living life Sent before I have come before Give it up Sent it in strength Or not at all Forever meets never And you hit the ground An epic … Continue reading

Days 120 and 121

Day 120 “Poem 3” Someone has nowhere, Forever locked in pain. Sent to death, In vein? Day 121 “Poem 4” Come on out and play This soldier will save the day Yet this soldier is dead, So now my soul is fed. Now seek out the last soldier While the fire fizzles out and smolder. … Continue reading

Day 99

“No More” How quick, Steadfast. Easy. Tired of it Set aside, No more. “Finality” This small little notebook Is a big step Another stop in my path. This is a beginning And an end The first and final breath.

Day 98

I’ll walk barefoot on a bed of frozen glass
I’ll grasp on to my final breaths of acid air
While I’m soaking in a sea of molten lava.