“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 – 365

“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 Maybe it will all be clear When the world dissapears. I’m sorry world. I’m still here. I know you’ve been pushing me down. I know you’ve been trying to put me down Try to knock me out. I know you’ve been thinking That I’d give up to easily. Fuck that, … Continue reading

“Don’t Leave Anything Left of Me to Burn” Days 337 – 340

Maybe you think you can make it better
By stomping all over my heart.
Breaking apart the pieces
That you didn’t crush last time
I think you won’t be done
Till there’s nothing left of me to destroy
Maybe you think you can make it better
By not leaving anything left to burn.

(Don’t leave anything left of me to burn.)

“When The Sun Fell In Love With The Moon” Days 306 – 308

So what’s stopping me
From crossing the stars,
And ending up right where you are.
Incased in gravity’s embrace.
This is what it feels like,
When the Sun fell in love with the moon.

“Ongoing, My Love” Days 299 – 302

I see it longer in the day
Than I do at night for you are with me.
In my heart a song plays
Within every fiber of my being.
Ceasless it plays.
Ongoing, my love.

“Every Morning Next To You” : Days 285-288

Better tomorrows lay just across the horizon
And as long as I have you
My head is towards the star-shine.
I know I can keep on running.