Days 95, 96, and 97 (End Part 3)

“The Abyss” Day Ninety Five I look forward into the abyss Hoping to god I don’t miss this. The glimmer of hope at the end of the day. Voices in my head saying, “It’ll be okay!” So put down my defenses, this good enough? I’ll watch for you everyday until the end, and even then, … Continue reading

Day Ninety Four

“Decadence” I’m on the edge of all I ever knew, Losing sight of something else along the road. I can’t seem to stand up without falling down. I feel like I’m recycling all my past devices. Using different words to explain the same concept, I’m trying hard to stand my ground. I’m trying hard to … Continue reading

Day Ninety Three

In time you’ll know All I knew. As if it were yours to know. As if you had lived it so.

Day 92

“Build up the Walls” When I build up the walls, I don’t wish them to fall, And I scream out in vein, going totally insane. So speak up, And come out be heard. I just wanna find out, What’s right. “Not Even I” I’m rushing through nothing Taking on everything Deciding which way to turn. … Continue reading

Day 89, 90, and 91

    “Lunacy” Day 89 I’m prone to straight forward lunacy, But no one can understand me, “Slightly, not fully,” they say. I guess I’m like a T.V. show. Parts of me are obvious to see, While others you remain oblivious to. “Always” Day 90 When it ends, It will begin Haven’t heard that before, … Continue reading