“Only Little Things” – Day 309

“Only Little Things” 309 If you’d just open up your eyes, Maybe you’d see what’s going on. It’s not that hard to notice the feelings i’m emoting the expressions I’m showing. Sure you’re a thousand miles away And everything is feeling miserable at best. There are songs playing in the background It’s going on and … Continue reading

“When The Sun Fell In Love With The Moon” Days 306 – 308

So what’s stopping me
From crossing the stars,
And ending up right where you are.
Incased in gravity’s embrace.
This is what it feels like,
When the Sun fell in love with the moon.

“This Life, This Face, These Hands of Mine” – Day 305

I’m constantly trying to make sense of this;
This life,
This face,
These hands of mine.
Not quite sure where to go to next.
It’s a bit fuzzy,
Like the stars
It’s just so far.

“The Future As It Should Be” Day 304

And so we see the rain Dripping from the stars. Falling softly into arms Outstretched for the sun. When light comes forth And we can finally see The future as it should be.

“We Live Every Second until It Strikes Noon.” – Day 303

No, we could never see the hour of our death;
It’s not written where we can read it.
It’s known in the Earth, she breathes the hour.
We live every second until it strikes noon.