Day 66

“We’ll Make it Through the Night Part 3” No matter where we go. I’ll stand beside you now, Through the raging snow. Even if I don’t know how, I’ll build you a home. One where we will How much we love each other. A place where we can grow old. It’s not a promise, it’s … Continue reading

Day 65

“We’ll Be the Ones” We’ll be the ones, Who rise above This broken place Theis empty space Escape disgrace. We’ll be the ones Who get away From evryone Those who won Escape to the sun. “Continued Perseverance: We’ll Make it Through the Night Part 2” Will you pick me up When I fall? Will you … Continue reading

Day 64

“In a Corner” Been backed up into a corner? Like when you were younger. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. So please, take up a roost, Try and stand up and fight the noose. You are in decay. Your bones break, Your eyes shake. Your heart aches. “Why Would I Have to Explain?” I know … Continue reading

Day 63: Part 2 “We’ll Make it Through the Night”

Hello, Are you still searching For the truth inside your head? Trying to find it before you lay in bed? Each and every night A fire burns inside. So I try to stand up tall, But I keep losing the fight. Hello, Have you noticed where I am. Standing alone in the sands, On the … Continue reading

Days 61, 62, and 63 Part 1

“Heart” Day 61 My heart is like a hurricane, Round n’ round in circles Just like a ballerina. With the intent on crushing ant hills, Except this is my heart, And I’m spinning round in circles. It’s what you’d cal catastrophe. If that is all it meant. “Love is… 1” Love is, Strength Hope Trust … Continue reading