Day 35 and 36

“Until you lay me in the ground…” Day 35 Blame it on me, The one who stood beside you, Worked and didn’t try to hide. I beg you beat me gently, Because that’s okay As long as your listening to me. I know you don’t hear A word I say. I told you how they … Continue reading

Day’s 32, 33, and 34

“Peace of Mind” Day 32 I’ll walk the world, To get my peace of mind. And as long as I am by your side. Everything will be alright. “The Door” Day 33 Open the door and scream, Fall through the gate and pray. Naive one, this is your final day. Fall through the hole and … Continue reading

Day 31, (1 Month Mark)

Note:Hello everyone, today marks the end of the first month of my 365 Days project! It’s been an interesting month, I began my Senior year in High School, I’ve been with an amazing woman for 11 months, and I’ve learned some things about the world and myself. It’s great to look back and see all … Continue reading

Day 30

“Until the Next Time” How are you? A day, A Month, Oh, yeah. What about me? So much. so Little. A FIRE INSIDE! It burns so much… So little…. T e i m And if we were to die… tonight Before the sun were to say goodbye. My heart will fall. my soul will hide. … Continue reading

Day 27, 28, 29

“Revelations: At it’s Closing” Day 27 Why does it feel the way summer should, Right at that chapter’s closing? Why can I hear your voice in everything, Even the cricket’s whisperings? And in this moment as the story begins, It’s ending is closer, and we feel the stress. Do you see the strings guiding us … Continue reading