Day 130, 131, and 132

Day 130

Can’t stand
Can’t sit.
Just falling down
So far gone
And I’m on the edge
The Verge
of suffering
open up
Living life
Sent before
I have come before
Give it up
Sent it in strength
Or not at all
Forever meets never
And you hit the ground
An epic of epicness
Soars so high
If only I could stand
If only I could sit
Then death

Given purpose
In the aftermath
The rain of a thousand
Gallons of blood.
Pours from heaven.
As if from the bowls of hell.
It’s vicious fury
A tempest

“I am free”
The lamps flicker
As the roaring wind strengthens
And shackles clank on the cold stone.
His hair sways in the wind
And his eyes glow scarlet
With a fury boiling in his stomach
The air crackles with energy
And the man’s fingertips glow.
“Unbound now Daemon,
Reach out from the abyss
Your power unweilded by man.
Will be let go to wreak havoc
Released you are from madness
Cross the planes of hell
And enter the world anew
Leave your tainted vessel
Scream out in the night
And announce,
You are free.”
The Earth frozen in cold lifeless tremors,
Time stops, non-continuous
The runes on the floor begin to break
as his magic releases the chains
of the Daemon.
He screams as the demons vessel
Falls to the floor.
A large glowing entity stands in it’s place,
Stalking just above the lifeless corpse.
“You rang mortal?”
His voice bellows with terrifying
Certainty, deep as the Marianas trench
And beautiful as the brightest star.
“I am free!”

Day 131

Don’t apologize
Not worth your time
Fall back
Set the world aside
Prepare to die
This is my night.

Forget what you saw
And know all you fear
Seek the shadow
And drown.

Day 132

Winter waste
Saving face
Sanity’s gone…
You were wrong.

“Life Death Love War”
Life is naught
But death is more.
Than love can stand
War is change.


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