“The Road” – Days 330 – 336

Day 330: “Life and Death”
I’ve got this concept of life and Death
Where everything in the end is all the same.
And that those people who did good,
Rise up to places so high, so good.
I’ve also got this concept that all the evildoers
Fall into a dark abyss separated by a wall
A wall of light keeping out the dark.
Keeping in the good.

Day 331: “Either Way”
See the dark come in from the west,
The storms blow in from the light in the south.
See it coming, yea or nay.
It’ll come either way.

Day 332: “All”
I am in space
I am in time
I flow through all
I flow through this.

Day 333: “The Road”
Creep and crawl through life
Grab your way through all things right.
You’ll find your way, You’ll find your place.
Just given time,
You’ll find the road.

Day 334: “Sole”
Crescent signs of rusted times
Inside the waves of fate.
It comes in and goes along
It will be the sole way come.

Day 335: “(Another Poem about the…) End”
This is how the road slides away;
And every little life decays.
In the end the shadow takes away
Every little thing it may.
You will find,
No peace of mind When the dark crumbles the day.

Day 336: “Twisted Fates”
All things intertwine,
Through all there is
And all that will not be.
Twisted fates collide.
Twisted fates survive.


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