Day 98

Note: As the end of my first 100 days comes to an end I look back and notice some of my most interesting and inspired work to date, and I also see the frantic writings of a boy about to miss his own deadline. (Which I’ll be honest I have once or twice.) But I have a poem for each and every day written from thoughts I had that day, and now that my life is basically back to normal I have been pretty good at writing on that day, even if it means finishing it on the next. So just one more day till my 100th. So Lets take a look at day 98 shall we?

“Life Gets Better”
I’ve had enough
I’m so fed up
With the way life works
And the way you don’t.
I’m so fed up watching you be
Something that isn’t considered being.
So you live under the premise that life is shit.
But you don’t understand that life gets better if you try.
So come on brothers.
Come on sisters,
Get up off the streets
Come on people
Come on children
We’re living in disaster,
But we don’t have to live on
In the waste of the last generation
We just got to remember
Life does get better.

I’ll walk barefoot on a bed of frozen glass
I’ll grasp on to my final breaths of acid air
While I’m soaking in a sea of molten lava.

I’ll be there given time.
I will be there for you by tonight.
Even though I’ve been beaten,
I will never give up.
Too soon.

“Day and Night”
Is it sad I miss you already
Can’t seem to get you off my mind
you’re always there
Day & Night


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