“Happiness Is Just a Bad Memory” – 356

Happiness is just a bad memory Of everything great and elevated With the constant ticking going on I just can’t keep on writing songs About how my life just seems to fall Into patterns on the road. I’m lost in trepid seas Smacked down upon my knees I can see the clouds come up and … Continue reading

“Hello, Is Anybody Out There?” – Day 311 (Part II)

Is anybody out there?
Is anyone still there, or
Am I alone in this place?
One face,
One world,
One empty space.
From upstate New York,
To Tokyo Japan.
Then somebody whispers.
Is anybody out there?
Is anyone still listening
To life anymore?”

“This Life, This Face, These Hands of Mine” – Day 305

I’m constantly trying to make sense of this;
This life,
This face,
These hands of mine.
Not quite sure where to go to next.
It’s a bit fuzzy,
Like the stars
It’s just so far.

“This’ll Be The Last You’ll See Of Me” – Days 293 and 294

I’ve only got so much left in me;
Before I’m on the edge again.
Fill me up with cyanide
And tell me to sleep well tonight.
Take me out of the picture
You’ll have nothing to worry about.

“Satan is a Woman” – Days 249 – 251

Lucifine, you are to blame.
For the fall of man.
You were there in the garden of Eden,
Why did you do this to us?
Lucifine, you evil witch,
You’ve made me a son of bitch,
Not just any, but i’m the son of Satan.

Mother I know your game.