“If You’d” – Day 248

Why should I say goodbye.
You’re always the one,
To make the first step.
You’re always the one,
To say we’re not okay.
So I’m sorry if I seem
Skeptical, and all this jazz.
I’m just tired of taking it in stride.
Do you think it’s alright?


“Forever and More” Days 243 – 247

Solemnly I swear
That I stand without err.
I am bound by my word
I am bound by my love
I am bound by the stars
And I am bound by you.

“Unbearable” Day 242

I came to be where I am today, At this very moment attempting to speak. I have a million and one things to say, But I only have one mind, one mouth, Two hands, Two Eyes, and one tongue to t

“Just Keep Sitting” – Day 241

Yeah brother,
This is what it has come down too.
Swinging with your sister
While your mother’s paralyzed.
Your father’s dying
And you’re typing out lies.
It’s black and white,
Not black and blue.
There was never anything you could do.
Just keep sitting.

“Utopian Dystopia.” Day 240

If we are striving for a utopia,
Then we must live in a dystopia.
Because if utopia means, “Nowhere.”
Then dystopia must mean, “Here.”