Day 123, 124, and 125

Day 123
One more hour in this hell
Another lifetime in a cell.
When you find me, dead and gone
That is when you know they’ve won.

Are we deranged
Or are we just out of place?
Lost in this known time and place,
Kept free of unknown cyberspace.
Forgotten in wasteful afternoons
Left to die under faceless moons.

Day 124
Confusion – like water
Dripping throughout the pentacle of his being.
An animal made of darkness
Enjoying the open door into thought,
Complete perseverance
No fear.
Never confused or locked in shame
For he is everything,
A demon, not likely.

“The Dead”
Rend the dead unto my eyes;
And rear the lifeless zombie babe
Forged in fire beneath that mountain.

Day 125
“Nicer next time”
So sorry
Don’t worry
I’ll write something
Nicer, next time.

Armageddon looming

Image by nimboo via Flickr


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