“Just Another Day On Planet Earth.” Days 341 to 342

You see it all before you
But you can’t believe it.
Nothing normal here
And nothing out of the ordinary.
Just another day on planet Earth.


“Don’t Leave Anything Left of Me to Burn” Days 337 – 340

Maybe you think you can make it better
By stomping all over my heart.
Breaking apart the pieces
That you didn’t crush last time
I think you won’t be done
Till there’s nothing left of me to destroy
Maybe you think you can make it better
By not leaving anything left to burn.

(Don’t leave anything left of me to burn.)

Day 142

“Conundrums” Somewhere in the back of Concsiousness. Lies the truth That eachman searches for. Confirmation for the greatest conundrums Of our time. “Godspeed” Seven hundred and thirty six days to go. The walls are closing in where can you go when spirituality Blends with virtual relaity And country stars get high While your children cry, … Continue reading

Day 123, 124, and 125

Day 123 “Won” One more hour in this hell Another lifetime in a cell. When you find me, dead and gone That is when you know they’ve won. “Deranged” Are we deranged Or are we just out of place? Lost in this known time and place, Kept free of unknown cyberspace. Forgotten in wasteful afternoons … Continue reading