“I See It Begin (I See The End)” Day 346

The shadows go
There is nothing
There is everything.
I see the fire burning
I see it. The end.
But I know it begins.


“The Sunday Mail” – Days 312 – 314

I weave a web of haunted images
That coast a long in phantom skirmishes.
I float along in idle currents
As thought arrives in the Sunday mail
It just don’t happen like this.

“Meditation” – day 284

I suppose I should take a moment To contemplate my place in life. It’s been two hundred and eighty four days. Two hundred and eighty for days You might say, Is not much in the grand scheme of things. And you would be right, Boy you’d defiantly be right. Boy, I though am not talking … Continue reading

“No, That’s All You’ve Got To Say” Day 265 thru 268

We as an American people have lost our way.
We worship the men up on the hill;
We’ve made them out to be god’s
That can rule us against our will.

“We The People”- Day 233 & Day 234

We the people
Must no longer stand idly by
While those who fight and die for us continue on.
We must purge the world of darkness
And save those who can’t save themselves.