“The Sunday Mail Pt. 3” Days 325 – 329

“It’s Just How We Deal” 325
Man I really don’t feel like
Deep inside my body is
I am screaming!
What’s up with all the riots
The fighting, the burning bodies
In the streets?
The failing economies
Children crying, fields drying up
Dreams don’t go the way we will.
It’s just how we deal.

…and more 326
If you stop and stare
Into the open air
Keeping eyes wide open
To the sky.
You can hear the wind
Whispering softly to the Earth
Tell-tale symbols of a freedom
Fighting call-to-arms.
Oceans rise, forever, forever,
And more.

Listen, Listen, Listen 327
Listen to your heart child.
Listen to your soul.
Follow all the sounds
That lead you through the weather.
Things may or not get better.
But you gotta keep on keeping on!

“I Have a Habit” 328
I have this habit,
(Yeah, it’s another one of these again)
To fall into quick manic depression
Whenever death crosses my mind.
At the happiest of times
His hand looms on my shoulders.
He doesn’t grip tightly
It’s always the same soft touch.
It’s cold, it’s bony, but not rough.
He just whispers in my ear,
“Keep an eye on the time dear.”
So it makes me feel so lost,
So happy, because I never know.
I have this habit to fall in and out of
Orbit, falling quickly to the Earth.
I usually burn up in the atmosphere
And I have to spend forever to pull me
Back together. You know the feeling?
It hurts, it makes you feel so useless.
Makes you feel like you can’t help

“The Sunday Mail Pt. 3” 329
When windows close and doors open,
Time stops and goes in circles.
Time wields fate while time stops;
While it stops for no one but itself.
We fall into routines
For the routines to fall out from under us.
Our safety nets then become nooses
And our noose becomes our safety net.
What once would kill us to do
Is all that’s left to keep us alive.
It’s contradictions convolute the offerings of life.
It’s what causes us to loose track of time,
And waste our days waiting for the Sunday Mail.

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