“I’m Through” – 347

In all honesty the memories come back to me Like ghosts in images They haunt me. Do you see the shadow? Do you see him creeping up on you from behind? The sun will rise Then the stars will fall As everything loses meaning I still feel the wind Echoing on the breeze As if … Continue reading

“I See It Begin (I See The End)” Day 346

The shadows go
There is nothing
There is everything.
I see the fire burning
I see it. The end.
But I know it begins.

“It’s Just Another Day” – 292

So what if life
doesn’t make
as much sense
as before.
So what if it
feels like things are
falling apart.
Just remember
that in time.
All things
come and go.

“Who Can Save Me?” – Days 208, 209, 210, 211, 212

Her sunken eyes reminded me of death,
Just as he was naught but bone,
Here body was even less.
Skin hung from hips, the smell of bourbon and ash left her breath
From where I stood twelve foot distant
It was as though I were swimming in her mouth.

Days 127 and 128

Day 127 “Overused” Filthy stinking tragedy, You stupid majesty! Angry, weak, and jaded That’s what your cancer equals. You want control, power is your goal. As overused as this all is. “Don’t Worry About Me.” If you’ve got to make the leap I’ll be there to catch you before you fall. You’ve got to go … Continue reading