“The Abyss” – 310

The abyss speaks to each one of us in turn. Sometimes it is a one of affair; Others are blessedly cursed with a permanent connection With the forces beyond the veil. We always hear little whispers Floating to our extraplanar ears. We are of this world, And home in theirs. The abyss is a part … Continue reading

“This Life, This Face, These Hands of Mine” – Day 305

I’m constantly trying to make sense of this;
This life,
This face,
These hands of mine.
Not quite sure where to go to next.
It’s a bit fuzzy,
Like the stars
It’s just so far.

“Ongoing, My Love” Days 299 – 302

I see it longer in the day
Than I do at night for you are with me.
In my heart a song plays
Within every fiber of my being.
Ceasless it plays.
Ongoing, my love.

“All There Is, Is Now” – Days 295 – 298

Life is tough,
But if I go on blindly I could hit a dead end in the road.
Break my nose off the concrete and my tongue rolls out.
Dead, dead, dead, dead, and dead.
That is all I’ll be if I never try.
So whether I’m a monster,
Or a child, or a man, a woman, or some other concoction
Of miss-matched flesh.
I must stand, I will stand.
I’ll crawl out of every hole that has been dug for me,
And I’ll tear my way out of every grave I dug myself.

“This’ll Be The Last You’ll See Of Me” – Days 293 and 294

I’ve only got so much left in me;
Before I’m on the edge again.
Fill me up with cyanide
And tell me to sleep well tonight.
Take me out of the picture
You’ll have nothing to worry about.