“The Passing of Energy” – 348 – 355

  The Passing of Energy 348 I’m in the process of eliminating some false beliefs. Attempting to tie up loose ends. I’m in the process of finding my way And sweeping away previous breadcrumbs That I had left behind to find my way back again. It’s not always the same Everyday things change My connections … Continue reading

“Every Morning Next To You” : Days 285-288

Better tomorrows lay just across the horizon
And as long as I have you
My head is towards the star-shine.
I know I can keep on running.

“Of all Known and Unknown” – Day 269

Life lives in darkened states
On the edge of all existence.
The future and past living
Co-equal, and co-efficient.

We’re Like Antiques – Day 223

I’ll burn down the whole city
So the world can never doubt my words!
I’ll add this verse to the atmosphere
So my words are the only thing they’ll hear.

Forgetting the Past is like Parting the Water – Day 185

Forgetting the past is like
Parting the water
It ain’t easy.
No, it ain’t easy.