“Don’t Leave Anything Left of Me to Burn” Days 337 – 340

Maybe you think you can make it better
By stomping all over my heart.
Breaking apart the pieces
That you didn’t crush last time
I think you won’t be done
Till there’s nothing left of me to destroy
Maybe you think you can make it better
By not leaving anything left to burn.

(Don’t leave anything left of me to burn.)


“Satan is a Woman” – Days 249 – 251

Lucifine, you are to blame.
For the fall of man.
You were there in the garden of Eden,
Why did you do this to us?
Lucifine, you evil witch,
You’ve made me a son of bitch,
Not just any, but i’m the son of Satan.

Mother I know your game.

Prayers at the End for the New Beginning – day 201

Along the skyline just below the sun
The iron statues commemorating 19th century progress
Get melted down to the basic concepts
That mean nothing to 21st century politics.
And when the past, future, and present do collide
Nothing will seem different anymore.
It’s always been the same chess game
With different kings and queens and more machinery.

Day 172 (The Hardest Part)

The hardest part of finding order
Is when everything falls apart.
And you begin to realize the hardest lie
Is the way that you live your life…

The first and second day of the year.

-January 1st, 2011- [Day 161] “To our never-ending story” This is to my, never-ending story. And today marks the beginning Of another chapter in life. This season which many say represent birth, But as well represents death, and hibernation. Where plans get put on the back burner And your lives shrivel into hermit holes Where … Continue reading