“The Passing of Energy” – 348 – 355

  The Passing of Energy 348 I’m in the process of eliminating some false beliefs. Attempting to tie up loose ends. I’m in the process of finding my way And sweeping away previous breadcrumbs That I had left behind to find my way back again. It’s not always the same Everyday things change My connections … Continue reading

“Baby Bird (Bir-Bir-Buh-Bird is the word) – Day 324

Where you gonna go,
When the tree
When the wood
When the world burns down?

Baby bird
Baby bird

What is the word.
Bir-bir-buh-bird is the word.
Spread your wings and float on
Float-oat on.

Baby bird
Baby bird

“The Sunday Mail” – Days 312 – 314

I weave a web of haunted images
That coast a long in phantom skirmishes.
I float along in idle currents
As thought arrives in the Sunday mail
It just don’t happen like this.

“But I’ll Be Damned If I’m Not Going Out In Flames.” Day 311 (Part I)

I blended into the pavement, into the wall.
I became something more than just a speck.
And the stars spoke to me, and they said.
“Boy, what you staring at, keep on walking and live.”

“The Future As It Should Be” Day 304

And so we see the rain Dripping from the stars. Falling softly into arms Outstretched for the sun. When light comes forth And we can finally see The future as it should be.