“The Passing of Energy” – 348 – 355

  The Passing of Energy 348 I’m in the process of eliminating some false beliefs. Attempting to tie up loose ends. I’m in the process of finding my way And sweeping away previous breadcrumbs That I had left behind to find my way back again. It’s not always the same Everyday things change My connections … Continue reading

“Just Another Day On Planet Earth.” Days 341 to 342

You see it all before you
But you can’t believe it.
Nothing normal here
And nothing out of the ordinary.
Just another day on planet Earth.

“When The Sun Fell In Love With The Moon” Days 306 – 308

So what’s stopping me
From crossing the stars,
And ending up right where you are.
Incased in gravity’s embrace.
This is what it feels like,
When the Sun fell in love with the moon.

“Who Can Save Me?” – Days 208, 209, 210, 211, 212

Her sunken eyes reminded me of death,
Just as he was naught but bone,
Here body was even less.
Skin hung from hips, the smell of bourbon and ash left her breath
From where I stood twelve foot distant
It was as though I were swimming in her mouth.

Day 174 (All I Need Is You)

Skin is a thin veil
Masking who you are inside,
Don’t let the outside
Keep me from getting in.
You’re beautiful on the outside
Even more so on the in-side.