“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 – 365

“I Didn’t Kill Myself” 360 Maybe it will all be clear When the world dissapears. I’m sorry world. I’m still here. I know you’ve been pushing me down. I know you’ve been trying to put me down Try to knock me out. I know you’ve been thinking That I’d give up to easily. Fuck that, … Continue reading

“The Sunday Mail Pt. 4” Day 344

In the living nightmares of modern days
Growing and decaying and falling in step
To the beat of a drummer who is making mistakes.
She’s leading the choir, and the choir leads her.
You still waiting for the Sunday mail?
Or are you getting up on your feet
And hitting the dance floor?

“Baby Bird (Bir-Bir-Buh-Bird is the word) – Day 324

Where you gonna go,
When the tree
When the wood
When the world burns down?

Baby bird
Baby bird

What is the word.
Bir-bir-buh-bird is the word.
Spread your wings and float on
Float-oat on.

Baby bird
Baby bird

In Exile – Day 198 Continued

In Exile In exile worlds fade away An accent of fear brings out A true feeling of anger. In nightmare’s window The eye of fate Gazes out into oblivion. The gates of hell open Burning iris’s with poltergeist images of Ancient cities falling under Blood gorged waves And tumutlous seas played in phantom keys. They … Continue reading

“Power Lies In Love” – Days 182, 183, and 184

From Power Lies In Love:
Invigorating whispers in soft tones
Passed along from tongue to tongue.
Silent words left unspoken
In loving embrace;