“I See It Begin (I See The End)” Day 346

The shadows go
There is nothing
There is everything.
I see the fire burning
I see it. The end.
But I know it begins.


“Before You’re Dead…” Day 345

Fuck the world,
Fuck the establishment.
Rip the woodwork up from the floor.
Dig a new hole and throw out the established order.
Toss away what has ailed us for so long.
Use it as you would use manure.
Use all this shit and create something new.
It’s not so hard, I’m telling you.
Just fucking do something about all this
And stop bitchin’;
Before you’re dead.

“The Sunday Mail Pt. 4” Day 344

In the living nightmares of modern days
Growing and decaying and falling in step
To the beat of a drummer who is making mistakes.
She’s leading the choir, and the choir leads her.
You still waiting for the Sunday mail?
Or are you getting up on your feet
And hitting the dance floor?

“For Those Who Have Nothing” Day 344

They are the ghosts.
The ones who sit on the edge of existence
Marveling at those who have it all
While staring into their hands and their hearts
Realizing that they have

“The Day For Freedom” – 343

This the day that freedom was born, The day when America swarmed From the sea from the bosom Of great men. Liberty and justice for all mankind.