356 – 359 (More Later Today)

“It’ll Always Be” 357
Hows the time pass by
When everything falls away.
Life takes action
And days go on.
It’s the scheme of things
As it’s always been.
You know how it is
It’ll always be.

“The Heart That Knows” 358
I’ve been begging for answers
To things I don’t understand.
For the rules of the world.
I can see through the cold.
I know you can see this
The way I’ve been falling apart.
My life is the end
The beginning of time
The ending of the sands
The stars in the sky
The eyes that see
And the heart that knows.

“Ending is the Crux” 359
An ending comes
And an ending is the crux
Of a time where it dies.
A time when the world
Meets the start
While all things end.


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