“The Passing of Energy” – 348 – 355


The Passing of Energy 348
I’m in the process of eliminating some false beliefs.
Attempting to tie up loose ends.
I’m in the process of finding my way
And sweeping away previous breadcrumbs
That I had left behind to find my way back again.
It’s not always the same
Everyday things change
My connections to certain places break down
And new ones begin to build with the passing of energy
From one conduit to the next.
I feel at home where once I could not exist
And vice versa.

Sustenance 349
Consciousness erodes away
As times flows too and fro.
Oh how the body demands
For sustenance.

Violent Transgressions 350
Silence is a virtue
That I am not fond of.
For if we are silent
We can’t speak out
Against violent transgressions
Of innumerable quantities
From corner of the world
To corner of the world.
If we kept silent
Germany would have won
And all people on this Earth
Would have faced death
Before life had even began.

Child of the Sands 351
I am a child of the sands
The never-ending wastes
Of the new frontier.
The internet is our pastures
The future home of all civilizations.
We are going to live in the nether
The edge of life and death
Beyond the eyes of any man.
Who is now alive.

Withering 352
As I come to the end of my journey
My words begin to thin and fray.
Like string their usefulness disappears.
I’m afraid that in time,
I will wither too.

The Taste of Something Sweet Sputters Off the Tongue. 353
The taste of something sweet sputters off the tongue
Filling in the voids
The absence of the world.
I can see it go forth in time and back again.
Maybe in time I’ll see you too.

Hello, Hello 354
Hello hello
I see
I see
Hello hello
I go
I go
Hello hello
I weave
I weave
Hello hello
I go
I go

Oh How Time Has Flown By 355
The End is Nigh
The End is Nigh
The End is Nigh
Oh how time has flown by.


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