“Before You’re Dead…” Day 345

I’m not always so cynical.
I can be happy and carefree too
I just have a hard time doing it.
It’s hard to just stare at the tv
When the clock keeps ticking.
My life keeps slipping
And all we do is sit here
Watching others live their lives.
What do you have to say for yourself?
Yeah, you know you’re thinking what I’m thinking.
Beep, sorry we can’t play those kind of words here.
Stop with the fucking censorship!
Life is only so long.
Live it up while you can.
Fuck the world,
Fuck the establishment.
Rip the woodwork up from the floor.
Dig a new hole and throw out the established order.
Toss away what has ailed us for so long.
Use it as you would use manure.
Use all this shit and create something new.
It’s not so hard, I’m telling you.
Just fucking do something about all this
And stop bitchin’;
Before you’re dead.


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