“Just Another Day On Planet Earth.” Days 341 to 342

“Just Another Day On Planet Earth.” 341
I’m coming in for a landing
While I continue to float on.
In quick succession
Memories flutter by my eyelids
Like lights on the fourth of July.
The windows are filled with sights to see
That are far more grand than anything before.
It’s a menagerie of swift built dreams
In something new and wondrous,
A sea of thought and thoughtlessness
All a part of one large scheme.
It’s like manually piloting a plane
That can fly itself.
The ups and downs of life
The downs and ups of death
With every nighttime race in Hell
You twist and turn dodging death’s embrace.
You see it all before you
But you can’t believe it.
Nothing normal here
And nothing out of the ordinary.
Just another day on planet Earth.

Left, Down, Right, Up. 342
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Up, down, left, right
Left, down, right, up.
Keep up, in step.
Get down, get up,
Get out of the way.


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