“I’ve Kept My Eyes Wide Open” – Day 317

I tried and stare into the stars
To see the past, to see the future.
The scenery’s always the same
Nothing ever changes.
I never understood the light;
Always changing, day to night.
Shrouding everything in darkness.
Then bringing all truth to light.


“The Sunday Mail Part. 2” Days 315 & 316

It’s in and out, on and off
And all year long, and fills one day.
We learn, we live,
And we just wait
For the Sunday Mail.

“The Sunday Mail” – Days 312 – 314

I weave a web of haunted images
That coast a long in phantom skirmishes.
I float along in idle currents
As thought arrives in the Sunday mail
It just don’t happen like this.

“Hello, Is Anybody Out There?” – Day 311 (Part II)

Is anybody out there?
Is anyone still there, or
Am I alone in this place?
One face,
One world,
One empty space.
From upstate New York,
To Tokyo Japan.
Then somebody whispers.
Is anybody out there?
Is anyone still listening
To life anymore?”

“But I’ll Be Damned If I’m Not Going Out In Flames.” Day 311 (Part I)

I blended into the pavement, into the wall.
I became something more than just a speck.
And the stars spoke to me, and they said.
“Boy, what you staring at, keep on walking and live.”