“A Broken Sun” Days 322 – 323

A Broken Sun 322
I can feel the wind
Cross into the bedroom.
I can feel the ocean
Warp into the sundown.
And everyone just floats on
In silent memory.
Our muscle tone breaks and turns
To ashes on the moon.
I notice how things keep changing
As the ocean keeps rising, and rising.
The sun,
The sun evaporates
And leaves behind a nightmare;
Leaves behind a broken moon;
A broken home, and a broken sun.

Thats All 323
Are you aware of the night?
Aware of the darkness,
Aware of the demons that crawl
Across the floor?
They creep and they tiptoe
Across the floor.
They take what they want
And don’t leave anything more
Than a speck, a mark on the door.
That’s all that they leave anymore.


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