“A Different Shade of Grey” 318 – 321

“A Different Shade of Grey” 318
Got to keep the fine lines
Between the bird and the worm.
Separate the lies
From the truths in the world.
Need to realize what’s wrong,
And what is right, tonight.
Yeah baby, are you ready
To rock the world?
Yeah honey, are you ready
To see this through.
Step up, get down
And dance the night away.
We’re all a little crazy
We’re all running a little hazy.
It’s the smog in the air baby.
It’s all a different shade of grey.

I’m Sure 319
What’s wrong,
With the time?
What’s wrong,
With the world?
Is the bomb
Coming down?
Is this all
that is left?
I’m afraid
That I’m right.
I’m sure
That it’s true.
That in the end
I’ll miss you.
And I’ll miss all
That ever happened
To you.

I get it 320
Got that right again,
Got the right words.
Got the right feeling
But the wrong amount of time.
Running in circles,
Always wonderin’ if it’s time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah….
I get it.
Shut up.

It’s Like a Glacier 321
How can I keep spinning this shit,
Pulling it out of the nether abyss.
Yeah, It’s like a waterfall always flowin’
Then it stops, and it goes in reverse.
It’s like a glacier, It’s frozen,
It grows. It shrinks in turn.


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