“The Sunday Mail Part. 2” Days 315 & 316

“The Sunday Mail Part. 2” 215
What you see will astound you,
I’m sorry that I have a habit of
Repeating old used lines.
It just seems like sometimes
I’ve got to try and recycle
The ideas that are inside my skull.
Destruction a form of creation,
Creation is a form of destruction.
With each creation we destroy
And each destruction leads to creation.
I am a letter flowing through the wind
Being passed along, hand to hand,
See me, see this, and continue.
Wash, rinse, dry repeat.
The concoction of function grows more convoluted.
It’s in and out, on and off
And all year long, and fills one day.
We learn, we live,
And we just wait
For the Sunday Mail.

You Will See 216
You see,
This poem is but a step.
But a jump in the pond.
It’s gone,
It’s here.
You will see.

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