“But I’ll Be Damned If I’m Not Going Out In Flames.” Day 311 (Part I)

But I’ll be damned if I’m not going out in flames.


I’ve got no way to see the fire overhead;
Everything is burning, but I’m left behind instead.
The blaze just burns away,
And I just float on. Hey,
Did you know that the stars sing in tongues
Reminding each and every one of us, young;
We are but a speck of dust on the pavement.
The world will just keep on rolling, rolling, rolling.

I’ve got a hunch that hope will be what I see.
Everything will be black and white, I’m in color.
I’m the person in High School, who everyone saw.
Either everyone hated, or everyone loved.
I blended into the pavement, into the wall.
I became something more than just a speck.
And the stars spoke to me, and they said.
“Boy, what you staring at, keep on walking and live.”

I’ve got a feeling that everything just rolls in and out.
Of focus, of motion, in and out of time; it just goes.
It’s like the fire picks and chooses which way to move.
One second it’s eating away at your life,
Then you’re just there floating away.
It’s a scattered occurrence and nobody knows,
When, or where, or how far we’ll go.
Go forward, go backward, go in and out of style.
Like Michael Jackson, before and after death.

I’ve got something coming to me,
It’s somewhere in my blood.
Is it a matchstick? Is it a tambourine, keeping beat?
I rock rock rock to the sound of my heart.
He beats beats beats to the rhythm of the words.
I am a song, I am a verse;
I’m another piece to a master’s work.
And to hell if I know what comes next.
And to hell if I’ll ever figure it out either.
But I’ll be damned if I’m not going out in flames.


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