“We Live Every Second until It Strikes Noon.” – Day 303

“We Live Every Second Until It Strikes Noon.” Day 303

Do we ever really see the passing of time?
Sure we see the ticking of the clock,
As it inches its way 360 degrees
To the next minute of another day.

Do we actually notice the passing of time?
As the clock goes round,
And our lives fall away like the sands in a glass
We’re just wasting away.

Oh, I’m sure that we notice the clock
As he ticks, ticks, ticks around the world.
Oh, I know that we notice then;
But what about when the clock strikes dead?

It’s the trickling of the hour glass that goes unnoticed.
It is as silent as death itself; It whispers as it falls.
This is how we get complacent.
We never notice, we never see.

It’s as plain as day that death lies in the sunlight;
Everyone can see that death is constant.
We can see it for its right in front of our eyes.
It casts a shadow that reaches through us.

No, we could never see the hour of our death;
It’s not written where we can read it.
It’s known in the Earth, she breathes the hour.
We live every second until it strikes noon.

“I’m Burning Down”

Have you ever thought of the past like a
How it burns and consumes you in the
All it wants is to fuel the fire.
All it wants is to leave you in the ashes.
The flames just keep on growing
While my heart is racing
I’m running out of time.
With each day I put behind me
It just keeps burning up.
Everything that I leave behind me
Just eats it away.
It’s like regret is oxygen
And time is just the fuel
But whatever this all is.
I’m burning down.

2 Responses to ““We Live Every Second until It Strikes Noon.” – Day 303”
  1. Devin,

    Your writing is so powerful. I love that you let everything out and feel the words as you put them into cyberspace. Will you be able to take writing courses after graduation? I sure hope so.

    And I LOVE the new look. Just like your writing, your look has evolved too. I am so proud of you!

    Pam B

  2. Devin M. D. says:

    🙂 Thanks so very much Pam, I really appreciate all the responses and conversations that we have had over the last two years. Thanks so much for your continued support. IT means the world to me.


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