“Ongoing, My Love” Days 299 – 302

Note From The Poet: So, as I’m nearing the end of my 365 Day Project I’m trying to decide what I should when I finish it. It has always been my plan to go back and re-write, revise, and destroy my 365 days of work but what else do I do? What does this blog become after I have finished typing my thoughts and my emotions into this processor. I have a great number of views and some wonderful feedback from those of you that have followed me this long. I want to see what I can do with all of this poetry. I’m afraid to count it all! I just want to say thanks to all of those people who have been following me for any length of time. This is the beginning of the end, for this journey.
– Devin M. Durbin

The Jaws of Oblivion Day 299
Forever in motion
Life goes on.
Even when it ends.
Elevated heartbeats
Tear at the sounds
Of innumerable life lessons
Unwanted by naive
and fettered young souls.
Old souls are shocked by
the uncaring glimmers in
Their sorrowed eyes.
We are upset that
No one notices.
No one sees.
No one cares.
On the eve of oblivion
Their eyes will be shut.
The opposite
Of the jaws of oblivion.

“Ongoing, My Love.” Day 300 (65 to go)
Count the countless footfalls
As she dances across the floor.
Daintily she is swimming
Through the heavy air.
I see here silhouette moving
She flows along undaunted by
Life’s subtle intricacies.
I only wish she’d notice me
Watching from across the room.
She is a sensualized dream
Bound by haphazard ties with my flesh.
I dream constantly of the touch;
Of the dream in my eyes.
I see it longer in the day
Than I do at night for you are with me.
In my heart a song plays
Within every fiber of my being.
Ceasless it plays.
Ongoing, my love.

A Skeptic Day 301 (64 to go)
Do not come,
Wicked things
Do haunt these halls.
Forgive me,
For I sound skeptical
Of all things.
For it must be,
That I am skeptical
Of all things.

Live Or Die Day 302 (63 to go)
Will I
Learn to live
Will I
Just fall and Die?


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