“Take a Step (Left or Right)” – Days 290 and 291

“Take a Step (Left or Right)” Day 290 (Sequel to “Each Fork in The Road” from my Poetry Chapbook MY EMPTY FACE)

What am I going to do?
Time flies by like fireflies
then dies.
Next step,
What is the next step?
Where am I going to go?
Earth erodes, and decays,
The grasslands burn and the ashes
Float away.
We’re just sand in the hour glass
Another piece, a little part;
……………………………..We’re something more than that.
Everything changes,
Been going through transformations.
Metamorphosis, mutations,
I’m readjusting, correcting mistakes,
Transitioning, and I’m becoming a distortion.
What is real, and what is not?
Is there any way to know,
What is real, and what is not?
Am I just another variation?
All I know is;
“Take a step,
Left or right,
And disappear
Into the night.”
Words I’ve said before
But mean more now.
Then they ever did last year.
So change is change,
And life is life.
Until it’s death.
So I’ll take a step
Left or right,
And disappear into
The night.

An Ode To Our “Dumbledore” Day 291
I keep revisiting
Those fifteen poems.
I feel like I’ve grown
Into my face some.
Not quite as empty
As I once thought I was.
They remind me of
How far I’ve come
And how far
There still is to go.
So I keep coming back
To last year.
Remembering your tutorship.
Remembering the month’s
Under your wing.
These fifteen poems
Have become my wings.
Propelling me along my way.
Whether they were
Good, bad, ugly or great.
They got me started.
I’ve got you to thank
For the fire beneath my butt.


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