“Every Morning Next To You” : Days 285-288

“Every Morning Next To You” Day 285
Every morning next to you
Is beautiful harmony.
Two bodies beautifully entwined.
Blankets covering intricately
Arms and legs filled with hope.
Better tomorrows lay just across the horizon
And as long as I have you
My head is towards the star-shine.
I know I can keep on running.

“Bells (Unknowable)” Day 286
Hear the bells
Speak silently in your ear.
Whispering intimately to you, dear.
They talk of things
But in time will unfold.

“Where This Ends…” Day 287
Light peaks out over me
Holding on to brighter dreams.
In the end;
We will see
where this ends.

“Golden Days” Day 288
Golden days will come
They always do, in cycles.
Like the ebb and flow of the water.
Raindrops dripping down the dad
Falling lightly on my head.
Tick tock, tick tock, goes the clock
Counting out the time left to live.


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