“Meditation” – day 284

I suppose I should take a moment
To contemplate my place in life.
It’s been two hundred and eighty four days.
Two hundred and eighty for days
You might say,
Is not much in the grand scheme of things.
And you would be right,
Boy you’d defiantly be right.
Boy, I though am not talking about it
In that particular scope.
This meditation is on things that have happened,
Occurrences I have lived through
And things that I have seen.
A wise man just told me today
“I am proud to be an American.”
I asked him, “Why?”
“Because, when we finally met
Our greatest enemy
And shot a bullet through his head.
We still had the respect
To lay him to rest, the best way
That could be had.
And even though we’ve lost so much.
We’ve lost so many people.
We still gave the man a respectable burial.
That really made me proud to be an American.”
Never thought I would see the day,
When that particular grey cloud was gonna go away.
Never did I think I’d see,
My graduation day either.
Life is a never ending twisting cycle.
Something lives, something dies,
Spirits soar, and bodies lie.
We turn in secret,
As we try to manipulate fate.
So maybe we can live another day.


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