“Wave of Lies” – Days 279 through 281

How Does It Feel? Day 279
Your eyes look so condescending,
It’s like you’re apprehending everything
That’s ever been inside me.
I feel your hands reaching into my skin;
Pulling all of me away.
How does it feel to know
That you can’t live on your own?
That you have to feed
Off of everything I am.
How does it feel to know
That you have no control?

The Rising of the Sea Day 280
How can I decide
Which way to turn?
Which way is right
And which way is wrong?
It’s not that easy,
Never is.
Decisions can never be that
I never thought I’d need
To second guess you and me.
I never thought I’d ever see
Me doubting myself.
I never thought I’d see
The rising of the sea;
It’s just below, about to engulf me.

Wave of Lies Day 281
Do you know what I’ve been through.
The road has been long;
The path has been misleading.
I am sure of it now,
That they’ve been in on it all along.
There hasn’t been a light of truth in this
Ever since the beginning.
It’s just a wave of lies
From here and to the skies.


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