It’s All We’ll Ever Need- Day 278

It’s gonna be a late night wondering about space and time
How everything seems to work in a rhyme.
How your halo spins, and my heart screams
To hold perfect circles entwined in my dreams.

It’s been a long day wandering these empty streets
Trying to find the perfect melody to match them beats.
Trying to make sense of this, trying to wrap my heart around
How you’re over there, but you’ll always be right here.

Hell, it’s been a long time coming for something to be right.
I’ve lost everything while trying and trying to fight.
I’ve gained a lot by reasoning with myself and following you
Following everything you’ve ever told me, because I know you’re true.

It’s been a hell of ride driving through the stars in the sky.
I feel helpless. I’m longing; I’m spinning out of control.
I feel lost. I’m elated; I’m coming in for a landing,
And if the world ever stops spinning I’ll stop and I’ll see where we are.

It doesn’t matter, whether or not you’re here or you’re there.
How do I know? I know because no matter what you’re in here.
How do I know? I know why it works, how it works, and what’s good;
Because as long as I love you, and you love me. It’s all we’ll ever need.


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