Hold On Boy (Regret) – Days 271 – 276

Sorry guys about the late posts. It’s been kinda busy.

Never Thought 271
I never thought that life would lead you in this direction.
Every night when I lay myself to sleep,
I feel the world spinning beneath my feet.
I see myself floating, trying to hold on
As the Earth corrodes below.

Hold On Boy, (Regret) Day 272
Hold on boy,
Hold on to tomorrow.
Hold on to what you have
And what you have not yet.
Hold on to you, and who you’ll be;
Hold on to you, and who you once were.
The world will remember, you shouldn’t forget.
You shouldn’t forget, what brought you here, regret.

What Does It Matter? Day 273
Was it me?
Was it you?
Was it something I couldn’t be?
What does it matter now,
If I go all the way?
It’s better than doing nothing
And wasting away.
So what does it matter now
If I stand idle,
Never going forward
Always staying here?
What does it matter if I just fall
If I just stand,
What does it matter?
Where would we be if we just stood still;
If we just stood still we wouldn’t have made it this far.

There Always Has To Be A… Day 274
There always has to be a
There always has to be a
There always has to be a
What else would keep us

Trust Day 275
Trust in me,
And maybe they will see.
Trust in me,
And there will be;
Trust in me
It will be true.

No More Day 276
So what if you leave it for dead,
So what if you let it get to your head.
So what if it goes and it comes
And disperses in smoke, and weeds through the air
Like a child in despair.
Cries like a baby,
Falls like a man,
Lies like a woman
Dead in the sand.
Whispering winds
On high tides.
Let all lies
Hide no more.


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