Now For Something Completely Different:

Hello it’s me Devin, the poet on a year long journey through poetry now a play-write.  So before I began writing poetry as a full non-stop 365 day affair I was wanting to be a novelist. No to be honest last January I was in such a creative slump that I had to take a creative writing class to boost my connection to the creative abyss. Lets just say during late 2009 and early 2010 I was using good ole’ dial up instead of fucking amazing DSL (Or what was amazing at its time). Now during this C.W class I wrote poetry, memoirs, essays, short story, and a play! Well, it was more of a farce; me and a comrade of mine wrote a comical one act (10 – 12 pages really short) play called “Pokemon: Cricket Bats and Poke-Balls” yep, say it we’re nerds. So anyway, back to why I decided to take my time and post about this. A few years ago an Idea came to mind that culminated into about 6 chapters going close to thirty or forty pages maybe more I don’t remember. Well, for my theatre class I am taking I am now working on a two act play that I wish to eventually turn into a musical. It’s tentative title is “Satan is a Woman”. It is about this boy with a burning hatred for all women because his mother left him and his father when he was only four years old. Since then he’s gotten into his head that his mom is Satan and that all woman are spawns of said evil villain “Lucifine” (A fake female name to be similar to Lucifer if it is a real name please let me know.) This boy now 18 years old is in a band that is wildly popular and about to enter a battle of the bands to try and get a record label deal. When suddenly a new girl moves to town who is insane at playing guitar and all of the members of the band want her to join. She does because of majority rule and over the course of the play we watch as our hero “Nikki Sanchez” and “Hayley Flowers” dive to the deepest parts of the psyche Nikki losing his mind to his hatred and Hayley being taken in somehow by the mystique of him. It’s an idea that has been going through my head for a long time and I’m finally putting it into fruitation. So hopefully sometime soon I’ll give you guys a little sneak peak of what I’ve been working on. Until then chou.


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