Each Footstep – Day 264 (part 2)

Inspired by The Airborne Toxic Event
I hear each little footstep like a rap on the door,
I feel every little footfall as you dance across the floor.
I know you’re there above me,
I just wish I could have more
Of your taste, of my hands around your waist;
There’s a hope in me burning like the Sahara,
It’s just as desolate and barren
But it’s got potential.
Life could still propagate if you gave it a chance.
I hear every little heartbeat,
As our bodies rewind,
To that day in September when I held you, mine.
It was just you and me in the cold morning light,
Like two pieces of a puzzle that finally work
We’re like ghosts strung up on trees
Like Halloween decorations for children to see
I feel as if though it’s just like that,
Another façade for the world to know
It’s just another holiday,
Just another fuc kin’ day;
And I’m sitting here being reminded
As I hear each and every footstep
And then I jump up, my heart in knots
It takes me a minute to notice what it was.
I tiptoe from the couch to the portal
I grasp the knob and my hands begin to sweat
Even more violently than before,
And with them sopping wet I see your face
You fly gracelessly through the door,
You knock me to the floor,
And you say, “Baby I can’t do this anymore.”
So I pick us up, I take you in,
This is how it should’ve always been.
You and me intertwined,
Forever and ever, and even more.

2 Responses to “Each Footstep – Day 264 (part 2)”
  1. Passionate and deep. Nice work!

    And congratulations on sticking with your 365 day plan. You are amazing! How many days in are you now?
    And make sure you notify WordPress when you get there because they have the 365-day thing going now.

  2. Devin M. D. says:

    268 days in 🙂 and thanks. It’s really great to know I’m getting close to the end. How do I notify wordpress exactly?

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